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Scaling Library Components

Is there a way to scale other components in the RoboDK library like you can scale the "welding gun" in one of the tutorials? I want to use a rail in the library to the move the robot but need to scale it.
Thank you in advance
Hi Allen,
This is not possible... I recommend you to load your 3D models (for exmaple, using STEP, IGES or STL files) and create your own mechanism. More information here:
Hi Albert

One small followup.

Per your suggestion, I did import a rail into DK. What is your advise to have the robot actually move back and forth on my fixed rail (as my .stp doesn't allow my rail to move back and forth as your obj. files do)

Thank you in advance
Hi Allen,

Make sure to select each moving components of your mechanism in the Build Mechanism or Robot menu (as shown in the attached image).

You can load your 3D models. If you have the whole unit as one file/object you can split the object (right click, select Split Object).

You'll then see your object divided in sub components. You can select multiple components to create the 2 moving objects (if you are building a rail you need the static object and the moving carriage). You can select multiple components in the tree or by selecting them in the screen. Then, right click and select Merge.


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