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SearchL Implementation

Using: RoboDK v5.2.5 (64 bit), Windows 10, UR5 (in this example)/UR5e/UR10 robots, Python.

Is there an example anywhere that can serve as a template for making use of the SearchL() function?

Hopefully my attached image is clear enough,  but it is a fundamental example of what I would like to do. If I have a current motion that I would like to be able to interrupt via a Digital Input wired into the UR PLC. If my image can be referenced, the robot would move between 3 Targets continuously and if Digital Input 3 is triggered, I would like the robot to stop moving and proceed to whatever follows in the code. 

It seems like SearchL() is perfect for this, but I was expecting there to be a third argument in which the Digital Input could be specified. Documentation shows, this is not how the function works and it only takes in two arguments: target and blocking.

There is a way to customize the driver to properly link your SearchL to a digital input.

At this moment, the default ID of the digital input used for the search L function of RoboDK is the ID number 2.

You can also use a binary search algorithm, you'll find an example here:

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