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Semicolon rejected in LAYER name in CAD for use in Dxf2gcode

Hi guys, I tried to use the MILL prefix in the layer in the layer name in my "master" CAD Software dxf file as follows: 
MILL: 1 Md: -23 Sd: -23 F: 400 Fz: 400 Sm: 10 T: 1 Td: 5 . However, my CAD software does not accept the ":" in the layer name! 

Any advice how to get around this problem will be highly appreciated.

I am trying to create a dxf masterfile with layers created for each of the three tools in my robot workstation. This will save time when the dxf is imported to robodk where I will no longer need to edit the tool parameters in Dxf2gcode.
Hi Curt,

It is better if you keep the conversation in the same thread:

You'll see the separator characters in one of the images that was attached. I'll reply there.


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