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Shortcuts not installed in Educational License

Hi everyone,

I'm a new user and I don't know if the case has already been posted or adressed, but the "copy & paste"-shortcuts have not been installed when I installed my RoboDK version. Furthermore, when using the german "strg" instead of "ctrl" in the shortcut definition there is a standard error message that implies that the shortcut I want to define is already in use for the "Station speichern" ("save station") regardless of the letter that is combined with the "strg" or the function that I want to use the shortcut for.
It would be nice if that bug/error would be fixed, if it's not already on the bugfix-list.

Have a nice day

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Hi, thank you for pointing that out.

It seems the issue is specific to German, as switching back to English makes it work again.
I'll report the issue to our development team.

Thank you!
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after working on my cell furthermore with a few days off I realized that the copy&paste didn't work again, so I checked the shortcuts and the customized shortcuts were automatically reset :(
That problem appears regardless of the station, because already after booting RoboDK without any presaved station all shortcuts are reset, which results in me "programming" the shortcuts at every boot of RoboDK.
You may have to start RoboDK with administrator privileges to make sure you save your shortcuts and other settings. Your shortcut customization settings are stored in the same location where all user settings are stored (in %APPDATA%/RoboDK/).
Thank for your fast reply, but that doesn't seem be the issue - the shortcuts are deleted also when booting with administrator privileges.
We just published an update that solves this problem (RoboDK v5.5.2 for Windows).

You should not have any issues using and assigning custom shortcuts with this latest version.

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