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Simulating High Resolution Cameras

Hello there,

I am experiencing some issues when simulating cameras with high resolution. I want to simulate a camera with the following parameters:

Focal Length: 50
Working Distance: 523  mm
Resolution : 4024 x 3036
Sensor size: 1/1.7
Pixel Size : 1,85 x 1,85 μm2m2

When I configure my camera have such parameters and I like to open the camera view, the view is very big (much bigger than my screen). This happens whether I check the Allow Resize window or not. It also makes the software very laggy that I have to kill it from the task manager.

The second problem that I see is also when using the API to capture an image, this forces this window and causes the same problem of everything becoming laggy until the I manage to close this window again.

So I have 2 questions:

1- Is there a way to fix the size of the screen no matter what resolution I choose for my cameras? Apparently this is the intention behind the "Allow Resize" button but the initial value is always the same desired resolution which at the moment makes it really hard to use

2- Is there a way to take an image from the API without opening this window? This will be very useful for me as my applications can contain up to 7 cameras and I would not like to see this window popup everytime I want to take an image.

Thanks alot for your support,
You can open the camera view with a window resolution that differs from the camera resolution with the API (SNAPSHOT option).
You can also minimize the window through the API with the MINIMIZED option.

Note that the preview window must be open to retrieve the image.
You can re-open a view that was closed with the API using cam_item.setParam('Open', 1).

More information here:
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Hey Sam,

Thanks for the suggestion. It is a nice work around


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