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Simulation of AGV


I am currently doing a simulation of AGV, with at ton of "quick-fixes" to get it to act like I desire. 
The project is to showcase on our webpage, but it isn't pretty xD
I see alot of stuttering, and I suspect three things:
  • Either I have turned on some settings that i wasn't supposed to. 
  • It is too graphical deamnding. 
  • I have the speed of the AGV all wrong compared to the simulation speed. 

If you have the time to look at it, I have attached the project. The simulation I am working with is called "Main", and can be started over again by using the "restart".

Furthermorer I have a couple of wishes/proposal to the RoboDK:

  1. I really miss being able to set postion of mechanism with "Simulation Event Instruction" 
  2. Being able to hide/show mechanism with "Simulation Event Instruction" 
  3. Being able to build a "2 linear + 1 rotative axis". To make simulation of the AGV's more doable. 

  4. The ability to screenrecord a simulation. I know that this can be done be using a screenrecorder program and record the HTML simulation, but it would be a nice feature to have directly inside the program. 
  5. Attach several of mechanism to a mechanism. 
  6. The program crashes half the time that i try to "drag and drop" events within a program. It doesn't matter if it is a movement or a event. 
And I recall you did a AGV-simulation yourself, is this avaible anywhere so I can see how the pro's are doing it? :) 

Have a nice weekend :)

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Hi AnderS, 

We didn't do any AGV simulation, but I took a few minutes to build a better mechanism for you. 
I stacked 2 mechanisms on top of each other. XY movement and Rotation. 


For the lag you experienced, I recommend you use the "Simplify Object" feature before creating such mechanisms. 


For the other feature request, please create a post in the forum section "Request New Feature".
That helps us keep track of the user requests. 

Have a great day.

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