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Skip DI wait automatically when running simulation

I have a program that i transfer to the robot and i has a few "Wait_DI()" calls for syncing with the gripper etc. These waits are not needed in the simulation. 
Is there a way to automatically skip these waits when running the simulation so i don't have to manually right click them and press "Skip DI Wait" for every cycle of the program?

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It is not possible to automatically skip these waits for digital input states. However, you could have a script running that automatically sets the corresponding station parameter to skip the wait.

while True:
    RDK.setParam("enable_actuator", 0)
Thank you i didn't think about adding a thread for this.
i ended up just creating a program via the gui rather than a python script since it's cleaner. The program just has two instructions that is "insert code -> enanble_actuator = 0" and a wait instruction for 100ms. Run the program on a loop and it all works out.

Thank's again for the help
Perfect! That makes sense, I didn't think it would be easier to make this program running in a loop using the UI. Thank you for your feedback.

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