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Slower performance with newer laptop (Windows 11 ??)


I recently switched to a better newer laptop and it seems RoboDK is running at slower performance.

The thing I suspect might be Windows 11. On my older laptop I was with Win10Pro, worse CPU, less RAM (16Gb vs 32Gb now) & lower GPU (2Gb vs 8Gb now) and it was faster on DK.

Do you know anything software or hardware related that might cause issues ?

Running DK in older Windows compatibility mode helps ? (I haven't tried)

My laptop specs:

[Image: image_VpJhg8I.png]

[Image: image_fta3IVq.png]

[Image: image.png]
Running RoboDK on Windows 11 with no issues here, you can make sure you have all Windows and drivers updates, especially the GPU ones.

Also try disabling the use GPU arrays if you have it enabled
If I am not mistaken, this GPU use the same drivers as the Quadro.
Do you observe the same performance issues using "C:\RoboDK\bin\RoboDK-GL2.exe"?
Does disabling the GPU arrays fixes the issues?
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