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Solidworks LoadPoints/Loadpart importing in the wrong orientation

Hello, I am trying to use the Solidworks add-in to import point follow projects. I discovered an error with my imports where the location of the points are rotated to how they are in CAD. X values in CAD become Y values in ROBODK, Y->Z, and Z->X. See screenshots below. I haven't geometry moved any of the objects, I've just made sure that the point objects are all relative to the same frame (Station Reference). 

Below are the coordinates of the point in CAD and the coordinates of the same point in Robodk. Notice the axis' are flipped in the Robodk 

When I grab the points from CAD manually, put them into a .CSV, and then import that .csv they end up in the correct location (in agreement with sw) in the cell with the correct values. 
Below is a screenshot of the origin (left), csv points (right), and SW add-in LoadPoints (bottom), all with the same reference frame, zeroed to the origin, and no geometry moves. 
I would just use the .csv points because I have them, but I need the normals as well and would like to use the loadpoints function for that. 

I should note that the loadparts is doing the same thing (messing up the orientation). When using loadparts, it lands exactly where the loadpoints points are, and when externally exporting to an .stl and then importing that .stl it lands where the .csv points are. 

Thank you in advance for your help.
You may want to disable this setting in the RoboDK plugin for SolidWorks:
  • Select the RoboDK tab in Solidworks
  • Select Settings
  • Uncheck the option Map Z axis towards the top
More information here:

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