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Subprograms are not including when generating robot program - Fanuc

I've been trying to generate a robot program that has multiple subprograms and then load it onto the Fanuc CRX 10iA/L. Whenever I generate the program using the Fanuc RJ3 post processor it creates a program that calls the sub programs but doesn't actually define them.. Is there a way to include all subprograms into one main program to be transferred from a LS to TP and ran on the CRX or will I have to load them all separately? 

- Audrey
You can go to Tools -> Options  in the Programs tab there is an option for include available subprograms. 
You can also activate inline programs.

I have this option checked already.. could it be something else?
First are you sure you should use the RJ3 post-processor for the CRX robot?
Doesn't it use a R-30i controller?

Can you provide your .rdk station?

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