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Targets are not correct when I send the program to the UR robot

I've been programming a UR10e robot with roboDK. When i simulate the movement in robodk, the robot follows the correct path, even when i connect the robot from robodk and run the program it follows the correct path. But when i send the code to the robot and run, the for some liner movements its follows a curved path and the targets are all messed up. What to do? Cuz I have previously used the same robot with the same attachments in another station and programmed with robodk, it worked perfectly.

.rdk   Station_machining_V3_python.rdk (Size: 13.1 MB / Downloads: 162)
It looks like you are using a customized version of the Universal Robots post processor. Can you provide it? We can better take a look.

Or can you try generating the program using the default UR post processors (called Universal Robots or Universal Robots URP) and check if you still have the same issue?
Thank you for the reply. I have attached the post processor we are using. the differences in targets completely different. Also I have tried placing everything on the station preciously as i have placed on the workbench. But if i did that then the differences while executing program on the robot is around 20 - 25 mm and the robot travel at an angle of 5 degree.

Also the difference can be seen clearly in the G_Nordbo program and R_Nordbo. G_Nordbo is to pickup a tool and R_Nordbo is to drop off the tool which is just created by reversing the G_Nordbo program. While running R_Nordbo the robot perfoms fine, but in G_Nordbo especially between these three targets nordbo_SS, nordbo_SS_lock, nordbo_SS_retract, the robot has to travel in a straight line at the same level. But the robot travels in a 4-5 degree in x axis and dips by about 20 - 25mm.

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.py (Size: 2.96 KB / Downloads: 141)
The issue is probably related to joint movements and the real kinematics not matching RoboDK.

I recommend you to follow this procedure to import the robot kinematics from the Universal Robots controller to RoboDK:

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