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Teach pendant coordinate positions not matching the robot program

The programs generated from robotdk is not matched with the robot movements.
I am using the correct robot model in robotdk.
When i looked at the position on fanuc robot and position in program, it is far off.
UF number i am using is 0 as i want the reference as the robot base.
Could i please get a help to match the numbers?

Can you provide the RoboDK project file and the LS file you generated?

You are probably not setting the tool (UTOOL) or the cordinate system (UFRAME) properly in the Fanuc LS file.
I have attached the files you asked.
i checked the UT values in robot which is zero.

Attached Files
.rdk   bladeweld.rdk (Size: 1.5 MB / Downloads: 15)
.txt   curve.txt (Size: 5.84 KB / Downloads: 17)
It looks like you generated the robot program using a numbered user frame (UFRAME 1). Looking at the RoboDK project you are using Welding gun 1 which explains why you see the following lines in your LS file:
UF1:2699.5,24.1,1159.0,-180.0,0.0,-180.0 ;
Therefore, you should be using that user frame with the coordinates close to what you used in RoboDK (the position of this coordinate system with respect to the robot is exported in the LS file).
Thanks for the reply. sorry the last LS file is not a correct one.
I have attached the right one with the UF number 0.
Even though i changed the UF numbers robotdk still generating the same coordinates.
Is there a way for robotdk to change and generate coordinates with referencing the robot base?

Attached Files
.txt   curve.txt (Size: 5.73 KB / Downloads: 14)
You should not just change the ID. You should place all targets with respect to the robot base in RoboDK (you can use Shift+Drag to maintain the same absolute position) and regenerate the program so all targets are exported with respect to the robot base.
is there a way for a curve follow project program to generate coordinates with regard to robot base?
Using the RoboDK UI you can attach the object to the robot base, set the position of the object to the position of your coordinate system and use the robot base as the reference frame in your curve follow project.

Some post processors allow you to generate coordinates automatically with respect to the robot base, but not the Fanuc post processor as you should not have issues setting up reference frames with Fanuc robots. 

For example, exporting targets with respect to the robot base is done by the Motoman post processor by default because using coordinate systems requires a special paid option (the Relative Job option).
I cannot make the reference frame for the curve follow project as a robot base since the robot is holding object and reference is a welding torch. 
I can make the reference frame as a robot base on simple targets, but not on the curve follow project when robot is holding object.
Because the curve follows with regard to the fixed welding torch which is a reference frame in robotdk.
let me know if you need another robotdk project files.
When you have a remote TCP setup, the tool is still static point on your part (if you keep it close to the path you want to follow is better to maintain correct speeds) and the coordinate system is still a coordinate system placed at the tip of your tool with respect to the robot base.

This is the default behavior in RoboDK. However, with a post processor you could swap the poses and use the remote TCP option on the controller.

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