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Techman TM5-900 connection issues


I'm currently trying to control a Techman TM5-900 collaborative robot using the "connect to robot" and "send program to robot" functions. 

I can successfully ping the robot, However, i'm unable to connect to it or get Position. I'm using the correct IP and port but perhaps my FTP settings are wrong?
My settings are:
Port: 5890
FTP path: <blank>
FTP username: administrator
FTP password: <blank>

Additionally, when i make a simple program which noticably moves the robot from its starting position and send it to the robot, i get the following response in the python command window:

Connecting to robot ...
Sending program...
Robot response: $TMSCT,4,1,OK,*5C
Program is correct

but the robot doesnt actually exectute the program and remains stationary
The robot log during this time reads:

[09:45:17:306][0x0004F000]["Run Project","\\Projects\\connect\\connect.prog"]
[09:45:17:342][0x0004F000]["Listen opens on"]
[09:45:29:307][0x0004F000]["< $TMSCT,202,1,ChangeBase(0.000,0.000,0.000,0.0000,0.0000,0.0000)\r\nPTP(\"JPP\",0.00000,-0.00000,90.00000,0.00000,90.00000,-0.0000,0,0,1,true)\r\nPTP(\"JPP\",-2.71000,0.00000,71.09000,0.00000,90.00000,-0.0000,0,0,1,true)\r\n,*57"]
[09:45:29:316][0x0004F000]["> $TMSCT,4,1,OK,*5C"]
[09:45:46:679][0x0004F000]["< $TMSCT,202,1,ChangeBase(0.000,0.000,0.000,0.0000,0.0000,0.0000)\r\nPTP(\"JPP\",0.00000,-0.00000,90.00000,0.00000,90.00000,-0.0000,0,0,1,true)\r\nPTP(\"JPP\",-2.71000,0.00000,71.09000,0.00000,90.00000,-0.0000,0,0,1,true)\r\n,*57"]
[09:45:46:696][0x0004F000]["> $TMSCT,4,1,OK,*5C"]
[09:45:47:697][0x0004F000]["< $TMSCT,202,1,ChangeBase(0.000,0.000,0.000,0.0000,0.0000,0.0000)\r\nPTP(\"JPP\",0.00000,-0.00000,90.00000,0.00000,90.00000,-0.0000,0,0,1,true)\r\nPTP(\"JPP\",-2.71000,0.00000,71.09000,0.00000,90.00000,-0.0000,0,0,1,true)\r\n,*57"]
[09:45:47:713][0x0004F000]["> $TMSCT,4,1,OK,*5C"]
[09:45:54:432][0x0004F000]["STOP Project"]

I've attached the post processer and driver that i'm using and currently have the latest free version of RoboDK.
What could i be doing wrong?

Best regards,
Muhammad Khan

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