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Telescopic axis and robot are not synchronizing

Hello, I am trying to implement Verticle Axis(Telescope) which is shown in Robodk Youtube training video (6-3) It is Working fine with python code but later when i attached the robot to the verticle axis the robot is fixed and verticle axis is moving. It's not taking the robot along with it.

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.rdk   Model.rdk (Size: 9.69 MB / Downloads: 125)
I recently went through this video as well. It looks like you did not have the right parent-child relationship set up correctly.

I made the Ranger_Base the parent of Ranger_Mid and made Ranger_Mid the parent of Robot_Frame. See the screenshot below.

You can check and set things like this over the API too.

In [7]: link = robolink.Robolink("")
In [8]: item = link.Item("Robot_Frame")
In [9]: item.Parent().Name()
Out[9]: 'Ranger_Mid'

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