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Tool movement based on external reference

Hi so my tool is a camera, and I would like to move it based on a external reference to have it always on frame the selected item.

I know is a simple trick using a reference, but don't know how to do it. 
Could someone explain it step by step for dummy.

You just need to create a target attached to a reference frame and create a program that moves to that target.

You simply need a program with 3 instructions:
Set reference frame (the reference frame where your target is attached)
Set the tool
Move to the target

Make sure your target is a Cartesian target (not a joint target).
not able to do it, how do i keep the tool pointing the reference frame all the trajectory?

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Hi Newokone,

I think the best way to do that would be to import a sphere using the reference frame origin as the center of the said sphere.

Once the sphere is there, you can use the "Teach on surface" feature to create your points.
The Z-axis of the tool will then always point toward the center of the sphere.

You can then either change the size of the sphere, change the position of the TCP or change the position of the target along its Z-axis to bring your camera closer or farther away from the center point.

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cant do it with the current program and targets? as targets are already with the correct framing i just need to keep the sphere in frame all the trajectory between targets.

i Remenber Albert show me in a demo how to link the tool to a reference frame to get the tool always looking at that reference frame, he moved the robot on the robot panel but always keeping the reference frame in sync with the tool. But not hable to reproduce it now.

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I think what you are looking for is to define your TCP at the center of the sphere and simply move around the TCP to make the circular movement you are looking for.

It may be easier if you can share the RDK file so we can show you.

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