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1.- Is it possible to import a program from a UNIVERSAL ROBOTS robot in .urp format?
2.- Is it possible to connect a UNIVERSAL ROBOTS robot with Robodk, run a program on the robot and have it reflected in Robodk?

I don't know about the first question, but I think the second is feasible. Take a look here.
Hi Mikel, 

@massula, thanks for the answer. 

1- This thread should answer your question:

2- To add to Massula answer, there is also some macro included with RoboDK to monitor the position of the joints of the UR at all times and reflect them in RoboDK in real-time. 
"Toolbar" -> "Local library" (blue folder) -> "Macros" -> "UR-Activate-Monitoring" and "UR-Monitoring-CSV"

Pretty sure there's another thread on the subject on the forum with more details, you should take a look. 

Just last night I was able to run a program on my UR3e and watch it update in real-time on the screen.  However, there are a few non-obvious things that make a huge difference, and a few things that were quite surprising to me that could result in a crash if you're not careful.

The "run on robot" flag (set by right-clicking on a program) uses a "driver" (for UR, it is called 'apiur', and can bee seen in the Connect to Robot -> Options window).  This driver is different than the way programs work if you send them to the UR controller via USB Drive or FTP with Filezilla.  It works a lot more like what you see in the RoboDK GUI.  Things like simulation speed and blend curves are very different compared to when I used "generate program" and transferred to the UR controller.  

With the "run on robot" flag set, it is quite easy to accidentally click on a single move within a program instruction and be surprised that your robot is following along just like you told it to.
Thank you all.
I think I already have it done.

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