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UR Post Processor


I wonder if anyone can explain me what is difference between the following types of postprocessors:

- Universal Robots
- Universal Robots 3D Printing
- Universal Robots RobotiQ
- Universal Robots SCRIPT
- Universal Robots Sync
- Universal Robots URP

I only found this:

●   Universal_Robots: for UR robots, generates linear movements as pose targets
●   Universal_Robots_RobotiQ: for UR robots including support for RobotiQ gripper
●   Universal_Robots_joints: for UR robots, generates linear movements as joint targets

Thanks for your answer!

Hi there,

You can add this to your finding.
Universal Robots and Universal Robots URP are the same.
Universal Robots SCRIPT will only generate the SCRIPT file, there will be no URP file.


Thanks for the reply.

For what purposes then other postprocessors (Universal Robots Sync,...) are used?

Thanks for your answer!

Just a small correction regarding the difference between Universal Robots and Universal Robots URP:
  • Universal Robots: Generates a SCRIPT file and a URP file that runs the same script file (a copy of it, so you only need one of the files).
  • Universal Robots URP: Same as the previous one, however, the URP file is in an XML format so you can modify it on the teach pendant of the robot using PolysCope in a user friendly way.
More information here:

Other post processors mostly involve examples for specific applications. They all have different headers that define function calls for specific purposes, such as driving a RobotiQ gripper, synchronizing 2 robots or simply driving external hardware using Digital Inputs and Outputs.

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