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UR "Run on Robot" Command

Hi guys,

Quick question. This question is specifically for UR robots. When you have "Run on Robot" selected for a RoboDK program and execute it, what does RoboDk actually do to send it to the UR.

Does it generate a .script file and send it through port 30002?

I ask because I'd like to streamline my end-product and not have the need to have RoboDK running in the background. 

I know I can create a program on the UR teach pendant and remotely start it from a PC but the delay between sending the start command and execution is horrendous. 

When you connect to a UR robot with RoboDK using the "Run on Robot" option it sends a program on the fly to the robot to establish a communication with the PC and follow the programmed movements in RoboDK.

If you want to have smooth movements I recommend you to use a rounding instruction:
UR calls this Blending, and it allows you to smooth the edges. This allows you to have less jerky movements and you are allowing the robot to maintain the speed as constant as possible. More information here:

Depending on the robot speed, movel and movep may have different behaviors when it comes to rounding/blending. The RoboDK for UR uses movel movements by default with the driver. If you want to specify movep movements for online programming (Run on Robot option) you should follow these steps:
  1. Close RoboDK (or force the UR driver to disconnect by double clicking disconnect)
  2. Locate the file: %APPDATA%/RoboDK-Drivers/apiur.exe.ini. It should be there if you run the UR driver at least once.
  3. Set the variable MOVEL_WITH_MOVEP to true, as shown in the following image.
  4. Save the file and close.

When you connect to the robot again, if you check the log you should see the small change highlighted in the following image:

When you use the "Run On Robot" command it requires RoboDK running in the background. Otherwise, the robot driver won't work.
Cheers Albert. I'll give it a go
Running a program using "Run on Robot" does not match "Send Program to Robot". 

I have a simple program to follow a rectangular move with rounded corners called "RECTROUND_1".  When I "Send Program to Robot", the moves are nice and smooth as expected.  Inspecting the .script file shows movep commands as expected.

I changed my apiur.exe.ini file located at


to set 

However, when I run , the "run on robot" (controlling robot using apiur.exe) the moves are very jerky, and looking at the log window confirms that the RoboDK is sending "MOVL" commands.  

Why is the api not sending the correct MOVP commands?

The files are attached (with extensions changed to .txt to allow upload to forum).

Attached Files
.txt   log_file_apiur_no_moveP.txt (Size: 4.24 KB / Downloads: 450)
.txt   apiur.exe.ini.txt (Size: 128 bytes / Downloads: 396)
.txt   RECTROUND_1.script.txt (Size: 3.8 KB / Downloads: 392)

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