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UR Update Robot Kinematics Problem
I follow the instruction:
1. Retrieve a URP file generated using the real robot (not using RoboDK or the UR simulator)
2. Open your robot in RoboDK. You'll find your UR robot in the RoboDK library. You can also use a UR robot available in one of your existing RoboDK stations.
3. Select Tools-Run Script
4. Select UR_LoadControllerKinematics
5. Select the URP file extracted from the robot controller.

But I receive an error message as attached.
Unknown problem</strong></font><br><br>Warning! Something went wrong

Any idea about the error and how to resolve?

the robot is UR5.

kinematics data of the robot from the urp(XML) file is "
<kinematics status="LINEARIZED" validChecksum="true">
    <deltaTheta value="7.991692711442622E-6, -0.599209568951636, 0.4506746961834843, 0.14848473378127594, -5.5415494813609856E-5, -7.305447195710309E-5"/>
    <a value="1.399546816841263E-4, -0.35120184643320124, -0.38786292853944376, -4.273358991816386E-5, 7.642061964217781E-5, 0.0"/>
    <d value="0.08913752400056628, 97.60938203538582, -101.5834121134345, 4.084694593149613, 0.09495084263757389, 0.08252276135589914"/>
    <alpha value="1.5693906799900081, -0.002457192711194601, 0.014602062455042546, 1.5701268114953253, -1.5682250386481154, 0.0"/>
    <jointChecksum value="-303693851, -1959093742, -1008485071, -1321378639, 1102103965, -1109022558"/>
Did you properly choose the robot in RoboDK? Note that the Universal Robots UR5 is not exactly the same as the UR5e.

With the latest version of RoboDK you can simply drag and drop the URP file in RoboDK. Make sure to first load your robot.

If you still have issues it would be better if you can provide the URP file so we can better help you troubleshoot.
I use the UR5 library for sure.
I have updated the RoboDK from V5.2.1 to the latest version V5.2.2. then, I have retried by drag and drop of the urp file to the project and it finally worked.


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