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UR10e Using Touchprobe To Probe Object


I'm currently working on a project with the UR10e and Robodk. To automatically probe an object using a touchprobe, the probe is connected to Digital Input 2 (I can read the output), as I was hoping to make use of SearchL. 
However I can't find any way in the post processor to enable setup the SearchL function.

I saw in a different forum post, something called Binary Search being recommended, but I haven't found any information on how to actually implement this in to the RoboDK API in Python.

The basic idea for my project is explained in the pseudocode down below.

Any ideas on how to implement this code within RoboDK?

while(ProbeSignal == OFF){
while(ProbeSignal == ON){
MoveAwayOfPoint(-XSTEP/10, -YSTEP/10, -ZSTEP/10);
RecordData(JointValues, CartesianValues);
Are you planning on using the post-processor or RoboDK to drive the robot and record the data?
The latter is easier to implement. You can find an example here:
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Hi Sam!

Thanks for the code of the other post!
I've got it all working now!

- Shkar

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