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UR5 Carthesian location is offset while joint position is correct

Hi all,

I currently have a problem using the Universal Robots UR5 in combination with roboDK. When the script is exported and imported into UR's polyscope all joint positions are correct and the robot also assumes the correct joint positions. The issue is that the carthesian location that should be assumed with these joint positions does not equal the one set in roboDK.
Refer to the images for a better overview of the problem. You can see the joint degrees are equal in both roboDK and polyscope. The coordinates assumed do differ however, most notably the y with an offset of around 2mm.

Could someone point me in the right direction as to where this error could be created in the connection between roboDK and Polyscope? I will continue testing and keep this thread up to date. 

(Reference Frame for these targets is equal to Robot Base)

Thanks in advance,

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