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UR5 robot doesn't follow the simulation as intended.

I created a simple python script to test movement commands for the UR5 using simple move L movements from target to target. Simulating the script works fine, but when I run it on the UR5, the arm stops just shy of the target. When the arm moves to the next target, it finishes moving to the previous target, starts moving to the next target, and then again stop just shy of the target. How do I get the UR5 to reach its target during the first movement command?
Make sure you selected the UR5 and not the UR5e or vice-versa. Both robots are very similar but don't have the same kinematics.

Then, I recommend you to do the following test:
  1. Right click the robot
  2. Select Select Post processor
  3. Select Universal Robots URP
  4. Regenerate your program and/or send it directly to the robot from your PC.
Do you get the same behavior?

The main difference between the default post and the URP post is that one uses movel and the other uses movep for linear movements (joint movements are always movej). These type of issues can arise if you combine linear movements with circular movements and a blend radius (movel and movep behave differently in that case).

Another difference is that you'll see the instruction tree in the teach pendant of the robot (Polyscope) when you load the URP file that RoboDK generated.

More information here:

Let us know if you still have issues. In that case it may be better if you can share the RDK file so we can test it.

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