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URP file generated in RoboDK to UR5


I'd like to ask tips for transferring URP- file from RoboDK to Universal Robot UR5.
Controller is CB3.

I've made a program with RoboDK GUI, generated robot program with Universal Robots URP - post processor and transferred it to UR5 teach pendant via USB-stick. 


Program: ShortTest
Reference frame in space: Frame 2
2 joint moves with 2 targets.

Program performs well when driven directly with RoboDK via ethernet and also when using regular post processor, script file via USB- stick.

When using URP-file created by RoboDK, following error appears, when trying to run robot:


If I suppress or delete the script lines, leaving only Move-commands the program will perform fine.


Would you have any ideas what could be wrong with my procedure?

.txt   Short1Test.txt (Size: 2.92 KB / Downloads: 375)

.urp   Short1T.urp (Size: 1.02 KB / Downloads: 368)
Maby found the error with my process.

Script- post processor outputs joint-move command with 4 parameters after joint coordinates including single 0.

URP-post processor outputs only 3 parameters.

Got it working by adding the 0 on post processor.



Also other differences on processing joint- and linear moves with URP- post processor eg. line writing and speed/acceleration setups.
Thank you for your feedback. You are right. There was a 0 missing in the MoveJ script command. 

We've fixed it with the latest version of the post processor for Universal Robots (attached). There's also a flag to disable generating a script command for MoveJ.

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