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Unable to connect to Kuka Robot


I'm fairly new to RoboDK so I'm struggling with this a little bit. I've tried following the guide 'connect-to-your-robot' where they ask me to set my port settings on the teach pendant.

However, I am still unable to connect to my Kuka Robot, mainly because I'm still not sure how to find the RobotIP or the Robot Port.

I've tried finding the port in the image below (apikuka.exe) but I'm also not sure if this is the right one! I also tried changing the Port IP address 

If anyone has any ideas on how to connect a Kuka Robot to RoboDK this would be greatly appreciated!

My Kuka is a Kuka KR 60-3 and a KRC4.


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Hi there,

The image on the left is your IP address.

Here's the documentation relative to Kuka.

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