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Universal Robots URP and Script Files

Hello, all.

We are having a similar problem to Rene from earlier in the forums with code generated from RoboDK. Functional programs were created and generated into script and URP files using the post-processor "Universal Robots URP." Upon uploading into the teach pendant, we are able to see both. The script and URP files run just fine, however a select few URP subprograms could not open, and those that did only displayed script lines in the program tree inhibiting our ability to edit them through Polyscope's GUI. 

Was a solution found for this?

Thanks for the help.
It would help us understand the issue if you can provide the RDK files you used to generate the URP files.

Did you generate them using the Universal Robots URP post processor?

More information about the difference between SCRIPT and URP files here:
Thanks for the reply, Albert.

We are using the post processor titled "Universal Robots URP."

Attached Files
.rdk   300mm UD Working.rdk (Size: 2.59 MB / Downloads: 257)
.rdk   New 200UD Setup Collision Planner Done.rdk (Size: 4.26 MB / Downloads: 295)
Can you tell us which subprograms didn't show up properly?

Can you provide a capture of the teach error?

I didn't see anything obviously wrong about the .rdk stations you provided.

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The subprogram in 200mm UD named "Front Face" is the one that will only open as a script file. We are no longer running into the problem where some subprograms won't load, but will keep you posted in case it comes up again.

Hi Jeremy/Albert,

Jsmesny and I are working on the same project. Currently we're using a CB3 UR5 and the Universal Robots URP Post-Processor in RoboDK. Attached are screenshots of the main error we're having in Polyscope. We processed all the subprograms the exact same way, but some subprograms will say they loaded as URP files, but contain no editable instructions, and require us to manually input the script file (which we then can't adjust like the others) to run the main.

In the photos, the "BackFace" subprogram is the troublesome one. You can see above it, the subprogram "FrontFace" was loaded in correctly (subprogram instructions are hidden for one photo, and shown in the other). 

We're using a flash drive to transfer the files over. We load the main program's URP file, then clear the call subprogram commands of their default file paths, and choose the correct subprogram (which is in the same folder as the main). For most, the URP file is loaded correctly. However for the BackFace, it pulls the correct file location, but no data, so we have to manually input the script code into a new "Script Code" function within the subprogram. 

We do the same process for all 4 subprograms, yet only one is causing issues. We've been experiencing this on multiple stations, and it's the same subprogram within each station each time, for no obvious (to us) reason- as there's nothing unique about those subprograms compared to the others, as far as functions go.

It could be more of a Polyscope issue, but do either of you have any insight? Or need other information/screenshots from us? We appreciate all the help!


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