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Welding - Touch sensing
Did anybody ever try to integrate touch sensing in RDK?

I'd like not only simulate but generate G-Code for touch sensing. I'm using a kawasaki robot for welding. 
If I would like to make the touching movements in RDK is it possible to still recalculate the targets and move them in respect of the position of the real part?

There is more than one approach to achieve this, but there is no integrated solution as of today for touch sensing.
The easiest approach is to use RoboDK as a Driver to record the probed points, and use them to define a reference frame (3 points or 6 points methods).
All related targets and paths relative to that frame will be adjusted.
This can be automated using the API.

The second is approach is a bit more involving, as you need a custom post-processor with utility functions for linear search, frame definition, etc.

Note that we are working on a plugin for RoboDK for touch sensing and probing, but I am unable to provide a release date at the moment.
If you are open for a collaboration, please contact us at
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