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Would RoboDK help me in my project?


I am very new to RoboDK and I was told by my supervisor to develop a robotics program where I load a model of the head, drill holes in the skull and connect them and remove the piece that is formed, remove a portion of the brain (typically a tumour), place back the skull piece and tighten it with metal plates and screws (video showing that is here, to skip the intro go to 3:33 ). 

Would RoboDk be able to help me do that? or is there something that it cannot do in these specifications (just found out coppeliaSim doesn't have drilling). 

Hi Abdulmalek,

This is not an easy project you are trying to tackle here.
Is your goal just to create a simulation or are you planning on applying the result on a real robot?

I don't see anything here that RoboDK couldn't help you do, but that will clearly require some programming on your end (using our API).

Thanks for the fast reply, no it would just be a simulation. I am going through the tutorials consistently and I understood that RoboDK can simulate machining objects, but I am still not sure how objects appear as being machined. Like can I control the object being cut to that it appears as though a piece of skin or bone is being cut instead of something like paper. That I think is my main worry. If you can provide specific APIs or software that would likely be needed that would great.
Here's the link to the API documentation:


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