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Wrong tool orientation using Mastercam plugin

Dear RoboDK Team,

i am quiet new to the Topic.

I try to get a 5 axis G-Code running via the mastercam plugin but I have problems to get the right 5 axis tool orientation. When generating the robot programm it always outputs a toolpath where the tool orientation ist Z+ (vertical in my coordinate system). 

I tried to reproduce it with an easy geometry. So i tried to get a toolpath for an easy circle which is placed on a side of a vertical surface. So the tool orientation should be horizontal. The simulation in Mastercam shows the right result but in RoboDK the circle is again horizontal an the toolorientation ist vertical ( Z+). I attached some pictures for this example.

The same with 5 axis simultaneous toolpaths. Doesn´t matter which toolorientations were given in Mastercam. The Mastercam-Simulation shows the right toolpath but in Robodk its always vertical/ Z+

I use Mastercam 2019 ,the default "Mill Default MM" post processor and RoboDK Version 3.6.0

Looking forward to your reply.


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Hi Frederic,

It look like the problem is with the orientation of the reference/datum and not the tool.

Can you provide Mastercam and RoboDK files so that we can reproduce this issue? We'll fix it as soon as possible.

Hi Albert,

thanks for the quick reply.

Attached you can find the Mastercam and the RoboDK files.



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Hi Frederic,

I'm unable to reproduce this issue. I see the same toolpath and tool orientation in both Mastercam and RoboDK, as shown in the following image:

What Mastercam version are you using?
I also recommend you to uninstall RoboDK, download and install again.

Just to clarify:

Did you use RoboDK's plugin for Mastercam?
More information here:

If you prefer to not use the plugin you can just load Mastercam's NCI files.
Thanks for your fast response.

I am using Mastercam 2019 with the RoboDK Plugin. I will try to reinstall RoboDK.

Reinstalled RoboDK.

I tried it again without using the Plugin. Just directly importing the NC-Code. But tool orientation ist still vertical and as you can see the result ist quiet strange because it isn´t even a circle in the horizontal level anymore.

What "Part" did you add to Frame 2?

Ah got it! When I use the generated NC-Code it gives the wrong result seen above. When I use the Plugin and use the Mastercam NCI Code than it works.

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Thank you for your feedback. I'm happy to hear you were able to make it work using NCI files.

If you prefer using NC files or G-code it would be better to use a generic 5-axis machine configuration with a generic 5-axis G-code post processor.

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