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Zero padding and character length limitation yield subpar UI result

Here is the target option's dialogue (F3):

when going to enter new joint coordinates, some weird behavior is observed.

When deleting the old value, you can delete up to the last value on the left side of the decimal place with the cursor already on the left side of the decimal place:
(deleting left side characters from the right side of the decimal place using backspace does not work, characters are not deleted/backspaced. Must be on the left side of the decimal place to backspace characters on the left side)

But then the last character turns into a 0 instead of being deleted:
This would not be a problem, really, if there weren't a character length limitation (mentioned later).

Curiously, you cannot delete to the right side of the decimal place, using the delete key to delete right, if you are on the left side of the decimal:
(but you can ctrl+a, del, to delete everything)

So I go to my usual way of entering text into textboxes, ctrl+a, delete everything, and start typing. But when I do this, (I could not capture the screen without it replacing text, removing what I was trying to capture) It starts adding characters, and zeros to the right of the decimal place. Say I'm typing 124.0000 as pictured. From a clean textbox (ctrl+a, del), as soon as I type 1, it adds a decimal and 4 zeros. I can usually finish out the left side, but then it won't let me type numbers to the right because there are already too many zeros and there is some kind of character length limitation in addition to robot joint limitation constraints somewhat expressed similarly. So I delete them, but I can only type the first number, (Say 5, of 124.5730) before it pads with zeros, and I have to delete zeros again. Or paste the full value in from elsewhere.  To type fractional values (right of decimal), you must hit delete, and type the value, iterating between delete key and intended value for all four decimal places. between this zero padding and awkward handling of delete and backspace behavior on right and left sides of the decimal place, it is super annoying. 

At least I can connect to my robot, maybe this is nitpicking, but can whatever text formatting is going on here just be removed? I've never seen anything like this.  Why is this behaving like this? is it intended? Is there some reason zeros must be padded (or more likely strf) at every text change event? I hope I explained this well enough to be repeatable.

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Thank you for your feedback!

I am not sure if there is a specific reason behind this.
I forwarded your request to our team.
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