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Zero position for - 6 axes industrial robot

I'm using the mechanism wizard to model a custom 6dof robot. Luckily, my kinematics are represented by the "6 axes industrial robot" inside the mechanism wizard. 
However, my [0 ,0, 0, 0, 0, 0] is a straight, candle-like robot configuration. But inside the wizard, a3=0 is represented by a 90° angle.
My question: How can I define that the resulting robot mechanism from the wizard is already tilted by 90°? Basically, I need a redefinition of the robot joint for a3=0.

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adding -90 on θ₃ should do the trick

I rotated it on an ABB as an example. (I rotated the geometries first)
"adding -90 on θ₃ should do the trick"

It worked as you said! Thank you!

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