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customised post processor

I m new to RoboDk, I have converted my Kuka Kr150 robot controller with a Plc based controller. For this i need to use RoboDk, will the post processor be modified as per requirement of the controller? My basic use is for milling purpose. I have the offline program file for the controller with sample file for reference.
Kindly guide.

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I'm not sure if I understood Your question, but if You want generate programs to a PLC based controller, You will probably need to customize one of the existing RDK post processors.

Take a look on one of the three GCode post processors bundled with RoboDK. I think You can start from there.

What massula said is right.
There are 3 post-processors already related with PLC based controller. The name starts with "GCode (...)"...

For more information on how to modify post-processors, take a look at this section of the documentation:

Thanks Mr. Jeremy,
i have attached the offline program format which my controller supports, is it possible to prepare the post processor as per my offline format from your end?

I tried with G code inbuilt post, but the program call has issues.
Dear all, Can anyone help to prepare post processor output file as per my controller requirement? I have attached the file with sample program.

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