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driver install for fanuc robot

Hi sirs,
I'm using a Fanuc LR Mate 200id robot, version is 8.20 (fanuc r-30ib), and user socket messaging (R-648) has been installed.

followed the page: to install RoboDK driver for Fanuc,  
1. transferred,, and RDK_S3.PC (in V6-V7-V8 folder) to teach pendant
2. set $HOSTS_CFG [3].SERVER_PORT=2000 OK and set S3 started.
3. fail to find RDK_S3.PC (nor drvierrdk_S3) after press SELECT button in teach pendant

file has loaded to MD of teach pendant (a.jpg) , but not in SELECT page (b.jpg).

Is any step I did wrong?
I found where the problem is : I should set $Karel_ENB to 1 (MENU->SYSTEM->Variables) first and restart, a reference for some have the same issue.
Another question is :
can I use online programming with a trial version? The robot didn't follow with the python code. The simulation is correct, but the "run on robot" didn't follow the code.
Make you you can ping the IP of the robot and that you properly established your local network. For example, do you see the robot's home page when you type the IP of the robot on a browser?

Also, make sure to properly load the RDK_S3.PC program and run it. This program should be listed in the list of programs.
after load RDK_S3.PC instead of DRIVERRDK_S3.PC the robot acted correctly, thank you for your help!

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