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end of path tool orientation is not half way between 2 surface

made something similar to the sample video for sw plug-in auto setup. the object and path transfer to robodk without problem. however, the last point of the curve, the tool orientation does not fall between the two picked surfaces. as i understand, it is not possible to change orientation for just one point one the curve.


what could have went wrong?

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.rdk   ABB1600-TEST.rdk (Size: 118.58 KB / Downloads: 452)
Can you provide the SolidWorks file?

It may help if you increase the "Mix normals tolerance":

This value is a threshold to combine surfaces within similar distance to your curve. The combination of different surfaces gives you approach normals at 45 deg with respect to both surfaces.

setting the Mix Normals Tolerance to 0.05mm did the trick. thank you!

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