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equations of motions

I'm new to RoboDK software ,and i find it awesome . I'm working on my graduation project , when you make a program or a target, appears to the eye that the robot moves with velocity and acceleration profile and if i created a path , there is trajectory . how can find these equations and profiles of my robot ?
In RoboDK, robot movements follow an uniformly accelerated motion until the target speed is reached. Then, the speed is kept constant until the deceleration phase.

More information here:
thank you sir
"RoboDK assumes that the robot has a uniform acceleration up to when it reaches the maximum speed, then, uniform deceleration"
i want to know what is the equation or the motion profile that describe this profile , is it trapazoidal or what ?
Hi Abdelrahman,

Yes, it's a trapezoidal profile, constant acceleration, top speed, constant deceleration.

Have a great day.
Hi Mr, Jeremy
1-how can i get the acceleration in joint space ?I'm trying to find the dynamics of my hybrid robot
2- each joint is separate from the other and at the same time it affects them
3- when i change the velocity and acceleration in parameters tab , the joint velocity and acc do not that ?

1 - Find it were? Inside RoboDK or inside the robot controller? What do you mean by hybrid robot.
2 - I don't understand this question, it's more of a statement then anything else.
3 - Are you modifying the Linear movement speed and acceleration or the Joint speed and acceleration? Are you trying with MoveL or with MoveJ. If you are modifying Joint speed but use a linear movement, you won't see the difference.

I'm sorry from my week English.
1- hybrid robot consist of parallel part and serial part such as exechon in robodk library......inside robot controller
3- I'm modifying the Linear movement speed and acceleration. Is it not logical that the movement of the joints is the result of the movement of the end? so when i change one of them the other with change ....

Don't worry about you English, my first language is not English either, so I understand the struggle. Continue working on it, and one day you'll be fluid.

1 - For the hybrid robot, I hope you will use the one in our library, because I don't think that you will be able to design one yourself inside RDK.
3 - Inside RDK, the linear speed and acceleration will affect the linear movement, and the joint speed and acceleration will affect the joint movement.

Have a great day.
1-Can i import my design to RDK? 
2-how to motion planing in task space considering the time , how to get trajectory solution in joint space ?
3-can i change dimensions of exechon robot in RDK?
1 - Drag and drop .step, .iges or .stl file in your RoboDK Station
2 - Good chances you will need to use the API
3 - No

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