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generating RoboDK program to be executable on CRX-10iA/L

I'm currently trying to figure out how to upload or transfer a RoboDK generated program to be run on a CRX 10iA/L. Is USB an option or only RoboGuide? I also am not sure what post processor to be using.
You can transfer your program with a USB Flash drive or through an FTP connection. You should be able to use the R-30iB Post-Processor.

You might need the ASCII Upload option on your robot or WinOLPC tools
Is this post processor only available in newer versions of RoboDK? I'm currently running version 5.2.2
I am not sure when this post-processor was added.

Take a look at C:\RoboDK\Posts to see your available Post Processors.
There is no R-30iB in the version I have, just R-30iA
I double checked and Fanuc R30iA Post Processor can be used for Fanuc R30iA and R30iB robot controllers

Sorry for the confusion
Yes, the R-30iA should be called "R-30i" or "R-30iX" as it works for the A, B, and C variants.
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