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import src - werid movements and crashing

While trying to learn RoboDK, I've made a simple src program from kuka|prc.
I've configured the robot setup on both robodk and prc to match as closely as possible.
but when i import the simple src program attached into robodk, it's doing weird movements that doesn't match prc.
the origin 0,0,0 is configured at the top of the dkp rotary table.

can someone take a look and tell me why i'm not getting the same simulation?

Also, when i open a more complicated src program, robodk will just crash

Attached Files
.src   kukaprc_project.src (Size: 1.09 KB / Downloads: 502)
.rdk   zero.rdk (Size: 357.4 KB / Downloads: 484)
You should synchronize the turntable with the robot as shown in the attached image (see attached RDK file as well).

You should also provide your tool (TCP) and reference frame (BASE) in RoboDK before you load your KUKA SRC program file. Also, make sure to setup the root point of the turntable as defined in your robot controller.


Can you provide the steps to reproduce the crash? I'm unable to reproduce a crash with the files you provided.

For your information, you can also use a customizable script to load your KUKA SCR files:

Attached Files
.rdk   KUKA-Turntable-Synchronization.rdk (Size: 357.96 KB / Downloads: 455)

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