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online programming a fanuc R30-iB Mate plus - gripper
i try to call a macro from robodk by using the call function to control my end effector. On the robot there is a macro opening / closing the valves like GRIPPER_OPEN or CLOSE. When i export the code as a .LS file it works well. The Call Function is printed by the postprocesser to the code. 

When im trying the same project in online mode the call function doesn't work. Also when i try to switch to costum code, thread, comment and try to add the code or some other snippets it would not be sent to the robot (when i see in the log)

What i'm doing wrong?

best j
It takes additional steps to trigger a program call when you are connected to the robot and using the driver.

For Fanuc robots, you'll find an LS/TP program called GO_PROG.TP. This program is called for any subprogram you want to trigger using the driver. You should create your program call inside this program. Example:

 1:  IF R[52]=1,CALL TOOLSELECT(1) ;
 2:  IF R[52]=2,CALL TOOLSELECT(2) ;

The register R[52] will be set by RoboDK driver to the program Id. The Program Id is a number you pass to your program as the first argument (the name of the program is ignored).

So, to trigger TOOLSELECT(2) you could have a program call to AnyName(2). Example:

Great. Works fine!
Thank you Albert!

Hello Albert,
now I was looking forward to it. I just checked the side of the robot. Apologize for asking stupid questions.

GO_PROG at Fanuc works well. If I write register 52 manually and call the program, the Gripper works without any problems.

I also tried a workaround: setting DO [x] from RoboDK works. With a program I can assign and write the variable to the gripper.

Nevertheless, if I try your tip: CALL anyName(6) it doesnt work. When I watch the register in Fanuc, nothing happens. Nothing is written....

    - Do I have to call GO_PROG extra in the robot or is this done by DriverS3? Unfortunately I cannot read the file because it is not human readable.

  - Are there extra options to start the communication via register 52?

Best J

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