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2D camera

I was wondering if there is any tutorial on programming 2d cameras in UR robots, I've seen the example and I didn't understand, can you help me?
The 2D camera simulations you'll find in RoboDK don't apply image recognition. Instead, the camera input is simulated given the position of the object (extracted through the API). You can implement your camera recognition algorithms externally.
and how can I implement my camera recognition algorithms externally?
I'd be interested to know how to do that as well! I can wait and take time to learn, it's not a problem; I don't have much place to do robotics at home in my flat and was thinking of starting this summer at one of these houses in Greece, but I'll have to delay it until next year.
I would like to know how to do it as well. Can you point us in the direction where we can learn about this?
You can look for commercially available cameras (such as Cognex), image processing libraries (such as Matrox), or OpenCV if you want to implement your custom image processing algorithms.

We added an example of camera pose estimation using OpenCV and ChAruCo board in our Python examples, see

Also, have a look at this post:
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