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Add xARM (UFactory) as a Post Processor selection
RoboDK Library includes xArm and uArm robots from UFactory. 
When attempting to 'Generate robot program' for an xARM based station, there is only a uARM Post Processor selection. Since I own a 6 axis xARM, I am most interested in running my simulation on my real robot. 
Thanks for considering.
There's a post processor for the uFactory xArm robot (called xArm). I believe this post processor has not been intensively tested but let us know if you have any issues in the Bugs section and we can fix it as soon as possible.

Make sure you are using the latest version of RoboDK to see the xArm post.
I recently installed RoboDK with an Educational license and I do not see an xArm selection for post processor. I am really interested in this and UFactory, xArm manufacturer, redirects me to RoboDK saying they have worked with you. Please advise what I can do. RoboDK is great and will be even greater for seamless integration with my physical robot. Thanks so much for your response and for considering this reply post.
I attached the post processor for the xArm robot. You should place it in the following folder:

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