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Aerotech Aerobasic post-processing script
Hello dear RoboDK community,

In our lab at Polytechnique Montreal, we recently received a 3-axis Gantry System from the company Aerotech (similar to the models found on this page : and we would like to explore the use of RoboDK to simulate additive manufacturing on this system.

Now, I would like to make a machining project by importing a G-code that can be sliced in Simplify3D or Slic3r and then, generate my input file, but there are no Post-processing script for converting the RoboDK machining instructions into the Aerotech's programming language called the "Aerobasic".

Of course, I could program my own Post-processing script. So, do you guys know if there is one that would be close enough so I would not be starting from scratch?

I am using the A3200 software based-controller that can be found on this page for controlling the Gantry :

Any information is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Hi JF,

To help you more, do you have any program example in "Aerobasic" or a programming manual of some sort?
Modifying an existing post processor shouldn't be too hard.

You specifically need to know how to write:
MoveC (If needed)
I/Os activation
Header of the program (If needed)
Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your quick reply. Here is a screenshot of some code example from the documentation. I have also found equivalence tables in the Aerotech documentation (see attached images). So it would not be too hard to modify an existing post processor for this, indeed. 

Do you know if there is one that is close enough? Any robot that you think its language looks the same or would be a good starting point?


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Hi JF,

You'll find a post processor called Gcode A3200 for AeroBasic A3200 controllers from Aerotech. 

More information about post processors here:

Hi Albert,

Are you telling me that you just wrote and added a post processor to RoboDK for my specific need ?

Hi JF,

No, it has been part of our default set of post processors for some time...
It may need some modifications depending on your application.

Ah I see. I did not see it, my bad.

Thank you


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