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Build/Modify mechanisms or robots

    I'm trying to build a mechanism for 6-axis motoman robot. I want to know what does build joint and delta theta values here means. Are these the absolute and ground angle of the robot?

with regards,
Nikhil Kumar Maniyanthotil

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The delta theta values are the theta values of the DHM table (Denavit Hartenberg Modified). This is not related to the position of the joints with respect to the ground.

The build joints represents the position of the robot at the moment you create it.

You'll find more information and a video tutorial here:
I have seen the videos for robot mechanism and also read the documentation. But still the robot joint movement in simulation is different to real robot. I have attached my robot in the rdk.file and also calibrated the joint movement (+30/-30) of the real robot from home position. I'm new to robotics and any help would me much appreciated.

with regards,
Nikhil Kumar Maniyanthotil

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Taking a look at your other post, I think your mastering is incorrect. I replied here:

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