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Collision free motion planner advanced settings


Currently I am creating a motion for the robot to avoid collisions.
I want to know about detailed settings of PRM.

Could you please give me a docutment for the parameters shown in the photo ?
Also, Is it possible to change the settings of these parameters from RoboDK API?

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You can find the Collision Free Motion Planner Add-in in our documentation:

You can also find the available API calls on the Collision Free Motion Planner Add-in page:
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Find useful information about RoboDK by visiting our Online Documentation.
Thank you.

Unfortunately, the URL you provided doesn't contain the detail settings of PRM.

There was no mention of the below functionality in the documentation, is it provided as APIs ?
  1. New point mode : function to switch between Random joints mode and Fixed tool orientation mode.
  2. Setting of one turn limit  
  3. Adjustment of min distance between points 
  4. Link order mode
  5. Linking options
  6. Weight rule
  7. Tool rotation cost per degree

Also, could you please let me know how changing these parameters will affect the robot movement ?

Best regards

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