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Connection issue of Motoman FS100

Hello RoboDK support,

I am writing this post on behalf of a university student who has just started RoboDK.
He is facing an issue of  connecting with  MOTOMAN-SDA20D/20F.
  • RB downloaded from :MOTOMAN-SDA10F DualArm
  • RB in real use:MOTOMAN-SDA20D/20F
  • Controller:FS100

Could someone help us to solve the problem?
I attached the error log and the simulation screen.

Best Regards,
Hiroe Ota

I added the revised error log, as the last one included Japanese.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.txt   error log.txt (Size: 2.56 KB / Downloads: 187)
.txt   error log.txt (Size: 2.55 KB / Downloads: 203)
He had a trouble in connection with real Motoman robot although he proceed based on the document.
The possible reason for it is that he uses similar but different model as MOTOMAN-SDA20D/20F is not on the Library.

I hope someone take a look for it.
Best Regards,
Did you load the ALL.PRM file as explained in the documentation?

More information here:

This may not have worked properly because this is a 7-axis robot but you can review the pulses/degree ratio in the robot parameters menu.

This line does not look normal:
Using -2000 external axes
If you can send us the ALL.PRM file we can better investigate.
Dear Albert,

Thank you for your response.
I found that  the explanation about ALL.PRM file is not mentioned in Japanese document.
I advised him to check the English version and I hope he can solve the issue by himself.

Best Regards,
Hiroe Ota

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