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Connection problems between RoboDK and NX100 motoman controller


I'm having some problems connecting RoboDK to NX100 Motoman controller.  I have followed all the steps in here and made a ping test. The communication between my computer and the controller was successfully done. However, I still couldn't connect and didn't figure out a way to fix it while I succeeded in connecting RoboDK with DX100 and YRC1000 controllers. Can you guys suggest to me some solutions for these problems?

Hi lehoanganhtai,
Did you found the solution for this problem?

We are dealing with the same issue with two Motoman controllers(DX100 and NX100).

Kind regards,
Did you place the robot in Remote mode? This is a switch in the teach pendant.

Right after you connect, does it work if you select Get Position in the connection panel?
Hello Albert,
Yes I have tried it with the teach pendant in "Remote Control" mode.
And I also have tried the buttons "Get Position", "Move Joints" and "Stop"... and in the log file I am getting always "connection problems"

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