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Conveyor use
Hi sir
I want to make the picked items run on the conveyor belt, how to use it.
Do I have to use Python? I'm new to Python.

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.rdk   TM Robot with coneyor.rdk (Size: 527.29 KB / Downloads: 13)
We have a great tutorial videos about working with conveyors and attaching objects using Simulation Events in RoboDK:

RoboDK Pro Training - Module 04 - 07 - Conveyor - Part 1 - Robot Simulation - Tutorial
RoboDK Pro Training - Module 04 - 08 - Conveyor - Part 2 - Robot Simulation - Tutorial
To specify a little bit about the next step, you should drop the objects that you pick with your tool on a coordinate system attached to the conveyor. For example, in your project this would be Frame 5. This reference is moving with the conveyor.
You can use this sample conveyor to drive a conveyor with Python:
Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our YouTube Channel.
It has been solved, thank you.

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