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I'm trying to use the Curve_Filter_AverageNormals script found under Tools -> Run Script.

I have an object selected, but when I try to run the script by clicking OK, nothing happens.

Does anyone have better guidance on how it's used or what else I need to use it?
Do you have any curves in the object you selected?
If so, you may see a popup window asking to enter the filter size.

If you can share your RDK project file we can take a better look.
Albert, here's the object. RoboDK does pickup curves on it when I hover over edges.

Attached Files
.step   outline3.STEP (Size: 118.43 KB / Downloads: 568)
I recommend you to follow these steps:
  1. Go to Tools-Options-CAD
  2. Set Linear/Angular/Curve accuracy as 0.5 mm/deg (the 3 values)
  3. Load the STEP file
  4. Select Tools-Run Script and run Curve Filter Average Normals
  5. Select the object you just loaded (you may have to select it twice)
  6. Leave the filter size to 10 (default) and select OK, you can increase this to make it smoother.
You should see the result attached.

It looks like you used SolidWorks to generate the STEP file.
Have you considered using the RoboDK plugin for SolidWorks? Importing smooth curves will work without having to follow these steps.

Attached Files
.rdk   STEP-Curve-Import.rdk (Size: 113.56 KB / Downloads: 560)
Nothing happens after step 4 there. Even if I click on the object on step 5, nothing pops up. I just tried uninstalling RoboDK completely and installing it again. No luck either. I tried opening your file to attempt it, same result.

Yes, I actually attempted this with the plug-in first. The issue however with the plug-in is that the normals are all in one direction. I didn't see any options in the plug-in that affected that. Is there a way to have the plug-in import the curve normals correctly?
It appears RoboDK needs to run as administrator for "Run Script" to pop-up.

Nevertheless, I'd like to know if there was a way to use the plug-in to export the curve normals correctly--not all in one direction.
Yes, you should be able to export the normals with each point normal to the surface.

Make sure to select the curve AND the surface in SolidWorks when you use the Auto Setup or Load Curves option.

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