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Difficulty to Setup RJ2 Post Processor

I'm trying to configure the Fanuc RJ3 post-processor to work with a RJ2 controller.
I attached a program generated to RJ2 controler (that run well). The other file was generated with the robodk RJ3 post-processor that i changed, but it dosent work. 
The main diferences are that in the Rj2 :ls file appear the following text.

CONTROL_CODE        = 00000000 00000000;
   1:  UTOOL_NUM[GP1] = 4 ;
   2:  UFRAME_NUM[GP1] = 1 ;
   3:J P[1] 15% FINE  ;
   4:J P[2] 15% FINE  ;


    UF : 1,  UT : 4,        CONFIG : 'N, 0, 0, 0',

What happens is that I don't see how to make more changes in the RJ3 .py file to work with my Controller. This .py file i can't post here but i can send to Robodk staff.  
Does anyone have some experience with this controller? Or have the Rj2 post-processor already configured?
Thank you

Attached Files
.txt   RJ2 Program.txt (Size: 3.82 KB / Downloads: 346)
.txt   RJ3 generated program.txt (Size: 1.37 KB / Downloads: 375)
Can someone help?
Hi, Bruno.

I don't know if You still need help with this question, but I did some tests here, and noted that RJ3 program has some errors.


Default group must have 5 parameters. Not 7.

DEFAULT_GROUP    = 1,*,*,*,*;

And, at the end of the file, You need to put a new line after the \END statement.

I've uploaded a corrected RJ3 program, You can compare it with the old one.

Attached Files
.txt   RhinoProje2.txt (Size: 1.37 KB / Downloads: 354)

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