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External axis speed

    I have a Motoman ma2010 robot along with a B1L-1500-2500 Positioner. I have synchronized them and I want to change the speed of the positioner. How can I change it?  

I have tried adding instructions in the program and also changed the parameters, but only the robot is affected not the external axis. 

I have added the screenshot where you can see the external axis remains 100.

with regards,

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I just ask the dev who did this post-processor to take a look.
It will be possible, we just have to figure out the right way of doing it.

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Hi Jeremy,
did you get the information?

with regards,
Nikhil Maniyanthotil

I've added a new hook to the post processor for motoman so you can modify the speed of the rail, in order to use this new version, copy the attached files to C:\RoboDK\Posts and overwrite their corresponding versions from your version of robodk. This post also relies on changes to the robodk api in a fairly recent version so I would suggest you update robodk first.

You can change the speed by adding a program call with the special keyword of "speedEx" to set the external axis's speed from 0 to 100% for the next movements. This will change the speed generated for the subsequent moves.

See the attached image for an example usage of the program call.

Thank you,

Phillip May

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Hi Jeremy and Phillip,
Thank you!
The program call works for changing the speed of the positioner.

with regards,
Nikhil Kumar Maniyanthotil

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