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External axis synchronisation problem

Hi All,

I am trying to design a new mechanism, a three linear axis with one rotative axis and followed the following instruction:
Now I am facing a problem with the synchronisation of the external axis.

I placed the rotation mechanism as a sub-mechanism of the 3-axis mechanism. After that I opened "Synchronize external axis".
The three axis mechanism is not available in the list of "Linear tracks" which makes it impossible to synchronise them.

The other way around is no problem. However, this is not desirable since it will rotate the robot around the rotative axis. (I tried this just to see how it works and what's going wrong)

Does anyone have an idea about what's going wrong or what I should do to get it working?
Thanks in advance and please let me know if you need more information.

The synchronization is meant to work with robot arms, so you can pair a robot arm with additional axes.

If you can send the RDK file we can take a better look but I believe it won't be easy to sync this type of mechanism in RoboDK.
Hi Albert,

Thanks for the reply! I managed to get it working by sort of accident.
I thought to try it out with an existing robot from the library.
After that, I used "Replace Robot" to swap this robot with the external axis which I saved as a robot.

This did the trick and now it is working as an external axis.
I needed to reorder the axis in the postprocessor to get the order right, since the rotative axis was set as the first.
Now I am working on the entire post-processor to get it working with the robot we have (Reis RL50)

The issue I have now:
The post processors create a line per position which tells the robot to do a PTP, CIRC, or LIN move.
The REIS needs this to be set before the positions are given like follows:

PTP_VELOC [%]:50
PTP_ACELL [%]:50
POSITION #N,$BASE,X:-300,Y400 etc...
POSITION #N,$BASE,X:-300,Y400 etc...
POSITION #N,$BASE,X:-300,Y400 etc...

Is there a way to achieve this?
Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Hi Gertjan,

Interesting... Can you provide the RoboDK project file?
We can better look into this and maybe add official support for this type of mechanism.

You may need to create a custom post processor for your specific setup. More information here:

Hi Albert,

Thanks for the reply. Yes it came as a surprise to me as well. Shall I sent the file by email?

I started with the postprocessor already, some of it is done but this part makes me puzzle a little since I can's find a way to trigger the path settings like speed, acceleration, type and so on once. since the type is determined by def MoveJ and def Move L which is triggered every time a new position is added.

I hope I am clear in what I like to acchieve.
Thanks again!

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