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Failed to run Python script

I am trying to load the SprayOn macro offered from you, guys, and I get the error: 
"Failed to run Python script. Set appropiate Python paths in: Tools -> Options -> Others".

I have also attached a print screen of the window in Tools.

Can someone be kind and explain to me what's wrong with what I'm doing?

Thank you in advance,

Ok, I went ahead and posted without thinking before.

I found a tab name Python and corrected the paths there and it worked. 

** Word of advice: If you change the default path of the program uppon installing, correct also the Python path if you want to use macros.

Have a nice day,

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Hi IonutF,

Thanks for pointing this out.
We just added the "Python" tab with the release of RoboDK 5.0 and it seems like we forgot to modify this error message.

Have a great day.

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